Pediatric dentists nearly doubled in numbers between 2014 and 2018 in a field where this specialty has been known to lag behind. If projections stay at this rate, it is expected to increase by 62% during the next decade. 

Why are pediatric dentists important? 

More than ever, underinsured or noninsured children are able to visit the dentist for sometimes their first time. Others are getting better access to dental coverage through changes in health laws. 

Fort Worth pediatric dentistry is helping to lead this specialty. They offer quality and efficient dental services to children, so keep reading below to learn more.

Why Is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Oral health is vital to your child’s overall well-being and it is important to regularly take them in for teeth cleaning.  

Pediatric dentists need two additional years of specialty training before going into the field. This allows them to be able to perform a variety of examinations, procedures, and assessments on your child. 

While this is known to include oral and dental exams and cleanings, it can also include a variety of other things you might not have considered. For instance, pediatric dentists can provide habit counseling for an infant or child who uses a pacifier or thumb sucking. 

They can also diagnose certain oral issues that arise from diseases like diabetes, asthma, and congenital heart defects. It is helpful to have someone specialized in conditions unique to pediatrics to help see how they impact your child’s oral health. 

Most importantly, pediatric dentists have their office and equipment set up to best address your child’s needs. You get it – children are not the same as when dealing with adults. 

This is why offices have special equipment and trained expertise to help children through the process of dental services. 

Qualities of a Good Pediatric Dentist

What are some of the signs you have a good dentist? Quite often, the same qualities you see in your regular dentist are ones that you still want to search for in your child’s dentist. 

Qualities to look for in a dentist are someone who is an active listener, provides good education, respects your time, respects other staff members, follows up with you, and values your business. Normally, you see a dentist every six months and this is a relationship that you should value and not something to be taken lightly. 

It is even more important that your child feels as comfortable as possible with their dentist. This can help them develop a positive relationship associated with good oral hygiene.

Good interpersonal skills are not the only positive aspect a dentist should have. They should also show a desire to learn, problem-solving skills, and good manual dexterity

Dexterity comes into play especially when working with young children. Their mouths are often smaller and they are less cooperative to listening at times. It is important that your dentist is quick, efficient, and steady with their hands during procedures. 

Finally, your dentist should be keeping up with maintaining an active license and participating in continuing education courses. This helps them continue to learn and grow in their field. 

Why Visit Fort Worth Pediatric Dentistry?

Fort Worth pediatric dentistry provides the latest technology and advances in dentistry. There are also greater options for sedative procedures, including in-office and outpatient services. 

Additionally, sedative options also include nitrous oxide treatments, which are known to be some of the safest guidelines for pediatric patients. Along with dental procedures, other dental services include preventive and restorative care. 

It’s important that you visit a local dentist for children that are educated in the best and safest examinations and procedures.  

Adult vs. Pediatric Dentist

You’ve already briefly ready how a pediatric dentist is specialized to work with children, but you might still be wondering why you can’t take your child to your dentist. Most of these dentists won’t take children or will recommend a pediatric dentist.

This isn’t because they don’t have the skill set to perform examinations, but because of the higher level of specialty that a pediatric dentist has. 

Pediatric dentists are also focused on the growth and development of a child. In the case of oral health, this means non-permanent teeth. They are able to recommend orthodontics and braces as they see the progression of your child’s growth.

Most adult dentists are used to seeing people who have all their adult teeth or have undergone corrective braces. If braces are something on the radar, then it is important to have a dentist who will be able to recommend orthodontics at an appropriate time. 

Risks of Poor Oral Health

How important is it really to have my child visit a dentist?

The answer to that is – very important! In fact, pediatric dentists still recommend that children visit a dentist every six months, just like you would as an adult. 

Risks of poor oral health in your child can lead to poor nutrition, infection, problems with speech, impaired bone and teeth development, and severe bite issues. Visiting a dentist should be just as high a priority as regular check-ups with your pediatrician to ensure your child is healthy and strong. 

Pediatric Dentist Near You

If you are looking for a Fort Worth pediatric dentistry then this is the place for you. They provide skilled pediatric dentists, helpful staff, and leading technology and procedures. 

You and your child will be well taken care of and you can rest easy knowing that your child is getting the best dental care out there. 

Having trouble finding a local dentist for children? Not to worry. You can feel comfortable checking out this site for a qualified and reputable pediatric dentistry clinic. 


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