Are you worried your little one will grow up fearing the dentist? It happens more often than you might think. In fact, dental anxiety or fear affects about 36% of the population.

Another 12% suffer from extreme dental fear, even when they’re older. Your child might grow up to avoid the dentist as a result. Their oral health might suffer without regular check-ups.

Instead, make sure to schedule their first appointment with their Fort Worth kids dentist while they’re still young. Visiting the dentist at a young age can help them feel comfortable, limiting the chance they’ll develop dental anxiety.

Instead, they can grow up learning the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Not sure when to schedule your child’s first Fort Worth pediatric dentistry appointment? Read on to learn everything you need to know beforehand! After reading this guide, you can prepare your child for their first visit with ease.

Keep reading to prepare your child for their first visit to the kids’ dentist in Fort Worth, TX today. 

When to Schedule Their First Appointment

First, let’s answer the question that’s likely looming in your mind. When should you first take your child to their Fort Worth pediatric dentistry practice for the first time?

Most dentists recommend parents schedule a child’s first dentist appointment when their first tooth starts to erupt. You might notice their first tooth growing when your child reaches six months. Otherwise, schedule their first visit to a kids’ dentist in Fort Worth by their first birthday.

However, you should take your child to visit their Fort Worth kids’ dentist before if you notice:

  • White spots
  • Bleeding
  • Lesions

If these issues occur, schedule your child’s first appointment immediately.

Why is it so important to visit your Fort Worth children’s dentistry practice while your child is still young?

Tooth decay affects about one in every five children under the age of 5 years old. Scheduling an appointment before your child’s first birthday is essential. Scheduling appointments while they’re young will help the dentist catch developing conditions early on.

They can diagnose and begin treatment before these oral health issues develop further. 

Your kids’ dentist in Fort Worth will look for injuries and signs of tooth decay. They can help by providing tips that will ensure your baby grows up with a healthy smile. You can track changes to their mouth and teeth as they age, too. 

That’s only the start! Remember, visiting the dentist while your child is still young will help them grow comfortable in the dentist’s chair.

Your Fort Worth kids’ dentist can become your child’s friend. Your child might even start looking forward to their appointments. They’ll want to show off their stunning smile and hard work maintaining healthy teeth. 

If you wait too long before scheduling their first appointment, however, they might grow nervous. You might give them time to imagine worst-case scenarios about visiting the dentist.

Instead, call your Fort Worth pediatric dentistry practice to schedule your child’s first appointment right away. 

Choosing a Fort Worth Kids Dentist

Before scheduling your child’s first appointment with a Fort Worth kids’ dentist, it’s important to find the right professional.

First, look into each dentist’s career. Consider their education and training. Try to find a dentist who has completed classes specific to pediatrics.

They’ll have a better understanding of your child’s development and psychology. These dentists will know how to put your child at ease.

Their experience and expertise could minimize the risk of your child developing dental anxiety. Meanwhile, they’ll ensure your child’s teeth are clean and healthy. 

As you research each pediatric dentist, learn more about the practice, too.

For example, is the waiting room and exam room designed with children in mind? A kid-friendly environment could make your child feel more comfortable. They can read or play before sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Talk to other Fort Worth parents. Ask them which local dentist they take their children to. Their referrals can help you find the best kids’ dentist in Fort Worth. 

The First Appointment

Once you find the right kids’ dentist, schedule a consultation appointment without your child present. Interviewing the dentist will ensure you found the right fit. 

Ask any questions that are still on your mind.

For example, you might want to discuss thumb-sucking or other concerns. Ask the dentist for tips to help prepare your child, too. 

Then, ask to schedule a pre-checkup appointment. Give your child the chance to meet the dentist without fear of an exam.

Your child’s dentist can introduce your child to their hygienist and the exam room. They can help your child become acquainted with the process, too. Your child might feel more comfortable about their upcoming appointment as a result. 

During their first official appointment, the dentist will review your child’s oral health. They’ll need to check your child’s teeth, gums, tongue, and lip. They’ll also examine the inside of your child’s cheeks.

This first appointment allows the dentist to provide oral health tips based on your child’s distinct needs. You can also discuss oral hygiene practices or future concerns.

Tips for Avoiding Dental Anxiety

During your initial appointment with the dentist, talk to them about strategies for easing your child’s dental anxiety. For example, they might recommend a few YouTube videos your child can watch. They can also read books before their appointment. 

These materials can help your child learn what to expand during an oral health exam. Otherwise, fear of the unknown could lead to dental anxiety.

Make sure to lead by example before your child’s first appointment.

If your child notices you’re nervous, they might feel nervous, too. Instead, help them recognize the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. For example, you can start brushing your teeth together as a family. 

The First Appointment: When to Visit Your Fort Worth Kids Dentist

Your child’s first visit to their Fort Worth kids’ dentist can set them on a path of success. Make sure to consult your Fort Worth pediatric dentistry team before the first appointment. They can provide you with additional tips beforehand. 

Eager to schedule your child’s first appointment? We can’t wait to see you both. 

Contact us today to get started.

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